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Countries in the Commonwealth have been producing works of architecture over the years, and in most instances, these projects have received worldwide acclaim. There is enormous potential and expertise of architects in CAA countries and they have produced landmark buildings and projects in their respective countries, through which their economies have benefited tremendously. Commonwealth Association of Architects, (CAA) in collaboration with the Member Organizations, is listing Firms/Individuals belonging to the Commonwealth as 'trusted and inspiring architectural Experts'. These Experts will have the capability, knowledge, experience and resources, in terms of projects enabling other architects or businesses to select, depending on specific project requirements on Joint Ventures. This Listing is only for Firms/Individuals with 10 Years or more of experience after obtaining Membership of the Member Organization. The listing is voluntary by the Expert and is under varying categories depending on their specialties. The list is named "CAA List of Experts". The List is owned and managed by the Commonwealth Association of Architects.

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